Misdiagnose or failure to diagnose 

Misdiagnose or failure to diagnose 

Misdiagnose or failure to diagnose of some illness or injury are one of the many medical malpractices claims. Not any type of medical malpractice or errors can have the ground for the lawsuit. Even the experts in this field sometimes can make a mistake. In its proper meaning, misdiagnose or failure to diagnose has to have some basic elements, such as: inadequate medical care, prolonged treatment, or not given treatment, in all these situations the patient must feel the harm of these actions in order to file a lawsuit to the court.


Misdiagnose can include the wrong diagnose, failure of the doctor to set up a diagnose, to prolong the diagnose, or failure to see the complications that could lead to much worse physical condition of the patient. In some cases, the doctor will set up the right diagnose, but he will misdiagnose another condition or he won’t realize that there is a need for another diagnose.

In order to plaintiff proves that he was a subject of misdiagnose case, he first must prove that there was a connection between him and his doctor and that his doctor breached the standard protocol of care, when diagnosing a patient, he must prove doctor’s failure to diagnose certain condition and that those injuries were the cause of such actions.


you_docs-450x300In this type of lawsuit, the expert will be called to testify, he will examine the doctor’s methods. When a doctor sets up a diagnose, he must firstly make a list of possible conditions, while examining the patient, later through the conversation with a patient he will rule out some conditions, until remains only one diagnose.

Law And You- Misdiagnosed with Cancer

Patient who wants to prove that he was the subject of misdiagnose he fist has to point out that doctor in similar situation wouldn’t have misdiagnose the injury or illness. The person who suffered some type of injury of harm will have to prove that doctor didn’t include the diagnosis on the above mentioned list and that adequate doctor would have done that.

In cases where the doctor included the right diagnose on the list, the plaintiff will have to prove that he didn’t perform the right tests to prevent injury. Wrongful death lawyer west palm beach more info here .

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