Elder abuse 

Elder abuse 

Elder abuse can happen at any moment and at any place, people who are usually responsible for this type of behavior are family members, care givers or personnel who works in nursing homes. Based on a research of National Center on Elder Abuse 44% of people who are staying in nursing homes have been abused and 95% of them have reported to be neglected or witnessed some type of neglecting.

be-aware-of-Physical-Elder-Abuse-and-NeglectElder abuse is an action that causes harm to elder person by care giver or a person who is responsible for his wellbeing. In some cases, person who is appointed to look after an elder person can create a risk of harm. This type of actions can include: failure to satisfy basic hygienic needs, when a care giver intentionally gives the higher doze of medication, or when he doesn’t protect the elder from a fall or other injuries.

The elder has to fulfill some sort of conditions in order to file a case to the court. He has to have certain age, usually between 60 to 70, and the practice has shown that older the elder gets, he has more chances to be abused. Female elders are more abused then male elders and people who suffer from dementia.

Number of elders don’t report any type of abusing, some are embarrassed, or they are afraid to be neglected even more if they report such a behavior, or they have some physical disability and they aren’t able to report neglecting. This type of behavior can have fatal consequences, elders who suffered abuse of any kind have 300% more risk of death, then those who do not.

Medical expenses that are connected with this type of violence are around $5.3 billion on annual level.

When this type of case gets on the court, federal and state law are involved. State law involves and provides remedies and protection of elder people while the federal institutions are appointed to monitor nursing homes, organizations, fund and other institutions that provide care and protection to the elders. Elder person or his guardian can file a complaint or law suit against a nursing home and seek compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering and others. Chicago Personal injury lawyer inform us about this topic follow this link.

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